What Video Game Should I Play

Naturally, people tend to find ways of entertainment while they are free. Many among them would love to adopt gaming to relax their mind. If you’re new to gaming or already a pro looking for more options, you are in the right place. Gaming is considered a fun activity; however, many get stuck on a question like; what a video game should I play? And how to select the game?

To select a game, you must first consider a few points:Will it release the stress on your mind?

  1. Which hardware is available to you for gaming?
  2. What place will you find relaxing to play a game?
  3. What is your budget for the game?

Once you are sorted out, continue reading and find out which games fit you the best.

Best PC Games of 2021

Here you will find out about the best PC games of 2021. However, these are paid games.

Adventures of Pip – Despite the limited weapons, this game is designed under 1 bit to 16-bit pixel-based figure to fight through the levels. It’s a charming and fun gameplay.

Batman: ARKHAM City  – With fewer innovations from its previous Batman: Arkham asylum, the goon busting fun will again make Batman stand out of the crowd. However, most features are borrowed from the earlier version, e.g., thrilling voice, etc.

Bayonetta – It won’t be hard to say that this is the best action game ever made. With explosive actions, it will test your combo skills. Although it worked poorly on Playstation 3, this new PC port is worth it.

What Multiplayer Video Games Should I Play in 2021?

Playing video games with others can make the fun, double to triple. If you enjoy teamwork and can accept friendly competition, you must try these top multiplayer games.

Call of Duty: Warzone – After the addition of BR mechanics, the game has become more enjoyable. And on top of that, it’s free. It even allows 150 online players to battle together. The war zone launched with an additional feature of CASH that will be used at buy stations. It’s available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Fortnite – This game is a classic mix of shooting and building. Unlike its many competitive games, this game gives you traditional vibes, a free form building system, realistic colors, and military effects. It is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate – This game is like any traditional gameplay, where you control characters. Similarly, the core idea is also traditional. You have to fight with different attacking methods with the opponent until they lose their power or throw them out of their area. The game is available on SWITCH.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – It’s a fantastic blend of the older racing game launched in 2014. Improved with six new characters, a new battle mode, and new items, racing is entertaining. You can play with 12 online players. It’s available on SWITCH.

What Single-Player Video Games Should I Play in 2021 – Are you in need of spending some quality time with yourself? Or would you like to go offline for a while? What games can you play during this time? Although online multiplayer games like Call of Duty and Fortnite have been under the highlight in the gaming world for years, single-player games have also astounded the gamers for a few months or years.

If you are mentally exhausted playing competitive online games, there are many single-playing video games available. Here is a list of the leading video games. It’s your turn to decide which one you will choose between:

God of War – A journey of a father and son. It’s an adventurous story. Horizon, Spiderman, and Zero Dawn consist of various maps and activities to choose from. They are action games. Unchartered4: a thief’s end is more like an exciting movie.

All these games are wholly available on PlayStation4.

Vigorous and violent games From ROCKSTAR Games – It’s none other than Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. However, both are set in a different period. Grand Theft Auto s set in a modern-day, and Red Dead Redemption in old times.

Stardew Valley – Are you enough to play those violent and action games? Do you need some relaxation and want to please yourself from the green environment? Let’s take a break from a stressful life and enjoy the country life while playing Stardew Valley. You can do farming or explore town life while fishing and solving the mysteries of your new house. It’s available on Android, Xbox, PlayStation, pc, and iPhone.

Into the Breach – You must save the world from the giant bug monsters. In a limited time, you must be strategic enough to play efficiently. Once you lost control of the time, you will end up in an alternate universe to start over again.The main tactic is to manipulate the beast on the plane. This game is available on PC.

Dark Souls 3 – It would help if you died again and again. This game is too dark and famous for the wrong things in the fantasy world. Available on PC, PlayStation 4

Disco Elysium – Think of yourself as a cop who has lost his memory, with a terrific headache and a new case. A game available for the last ten years still unfolds itself to the player magically as you design the cop yourself. It’s available on PC.

Nier: Automata – It’s all about robots trying to find humans on earth. It involves you so much into the world of art that later it will question the reality of life. Available on PC, Playstation4, Xbox.

Alien: Isolation – You must run away or hide from the deadly predator. While finding the missing mother, this game can scare you to death. It is available on PC, Playstation4, and Xbox1. When talking about gaming, mostly, the image that comes up in one’s mind is about a teenager holding controllers and mind out of the real world. However, it’s just a stereotype.

In reality, games cover many genres, including sports, strategy, and racing, that can help the player with skills and critical thinking, more strategic towards the situation, and a responsive person











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