What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is important for your business as it helps your audiences to connect with your brand by efficiently bridging the gap between you and your customers. It is because of this that in recent times, there has been a huge growth in video production, which has flooded the online landscape with footage about anything and everything. Whether you are creating an explainer video, how-to video, testimonial, video or a self-video from your Smartphone, you have several ways to leverage the power of videos in social media. Additionally, you would be surprised to know that online video has a broad range of other benefits for your business like video SEO, additional exposure, brand promotion and trust building with stakeholders and customers.


What is Video Marketing?


So, what exactly is video marketing? This form of marketing integrates, videos into your marketing strategy. Depending on the content you choose to make, these videos can be informative, educative or simply promotional. You can use these videos to educate your consumers or promote your product or service.

The use of videos significantly raises the level of engagement as it allows you access to a much larger audience than you would with traditional marketing strategies. These videos can be showcased on social media, website landing pages, YouTube and other digital platforms to reach a large number of viewers.

Types of Video Marketing

On average, there are normally about three main versions of video marketing methods used:

  • Awareness:These video are meant to introduce your brand to your customers. They usually have high entertainment value and general appeal in order to pull in as much of the audience as possible.
  • Engagement:This is mostly videos that are intended to create a reaction from the audience whether it’s through a like, comment, or share. These videos normally are designed to appeal to the audience member’s emotions.
  • Education:Educative videos are simply meant to teach the viewers something. If you’re targeting potential customers, that usually means a customer case study. And if you’re target is your current customers, a simple how-to video is usually the right choice.


What are some of the benefits of video marketing?


1. Video boosts engagement

Using video marketing across all of your social media channels is a fantastic way to gain the attention of your preferred audience or niche. If you can make videos that are highly shareable, or that invite people to react in the comments, this can significantly grow the level of engagement and interaction within your brand.

2. Search engines love video

Search engines are looking for content that engages viewers so having a video on your landing page or other pages can also increase your SEO ranking. This is because Google and other SEO’s use video thumbnails in addition to text, so having videos in your pages improves your ranking.

3.Video builds trust and credibility

Video is the perfect way to create to build an authentic image and character for your brand, thus allowing you to connect with your audience and earn their trust.

Getting interviews with real clients and showing people using your products can deliver extra authenticity for your brand. Making use of photos and mockups of your products is limiting and make it difficult for customers to trust what you have on offer.

Making use of product videos is extremely helpful in the decision process. As customers are more likely to be informative and educative for customers which builds trust which is eventually converted into sales.

4.Video encourages social shares and continuously generates traffic

If you are regularly producing content that is valuable for your viewers, there’s a good chance they are going to keep visiting your website. By offering continuous value in your videos, you can work at encouraging a number of buying actions as well as drawing traffic back to your page.

In summary, video marketing has pretty much become the norm these days and it’s what is expected by most customers. Any brand or company, regardless of the industry it operates in, should consider investing more resources in video marketing. Making use of videos correctly will most definitely increase brand awareness and improve your chances against your competitors.

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