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How Much Does The Affordable Website Plan Cost?
Summery Of Expenses

  • Basic Set-up fee: $550
  • Hosting fee: As low as $18.99 per month (see the Hosting options below)
  • Yearly domain name registration: $15 (unless you register your own domain name)
  • Free Basic Maintenance
  • Discount for work beyond basic maintenance
  • Up to 5 Free Email Accounts. Each additional email account is only $5 to set up. There is no monthly fee for email accounts.

The Basic Set-Up Fee

The basic set-up fee is $550.00 The basic set-up fee is basically creating your website. You will need to give us the content and photos you want on the website. If you have photos for a gallery, the basic set-up fee includes one free gallery up to 16 images. Website will be 6 pages – Initial setup, testing, and customizing of theme – $225.00 and the 225.00 when the website is done.

Most of the websites we create do not cost more than the basic set-up fee. However, if you want something beyond the basic set-up fee—such as an eCommerce site, stock photos, a blog, a portfolio, etc.—then an additional fee will be added to the basic set-up fee. Any out of pocket costs will have to be paid before the website is published. If there is any cost beyond the basic set-up fee, we will let you know in advance so you can decide whether or not you want to proceed.

Your new website will also be responsive. A responsive website is one that will adapt to mobile devices, which is important since mobile devices are used more than 50% of the time to search for goods and services on the web.


Once your website is ready to be publish to let the world know about your business, your files need to be uploaded to a powerful computer called a web server. Storing your website files on a web server is call hosting. Hosting only costs a few dollars a month. The monthly cost depends on what payment option you choose. Here are your options:

  • Monthly Hosting: $20
  • Quarterly Hosting: $54
  • Yearly Hosting: $150

Most businesses pay a yearly hosting fee because the yearly hosting fee calculates to only $12.50 per month and they are not bothered with a monthly bill.

Domain Name Registration

In order for people to find your website, you will need a domain name. A domain name is basically the address for your website. For example, the domain name for this website is elanwebdesign.com. You can either register your own domain name or have us do it.

Domain names need to be registered with a domain name registrar. If you don’t already have a domain name and want us to register one for you, we charge only $15. Domain names need to be renewed once a year.

Basic Maintenance Is Free

We offer free basic maintenance to our hosting customers. Basic maintenance includes edits to your content (for example, editing a paragraph or adding a new one). You can also submit up to 4 photos a month for free. We’ll optimize them, resize them, and do any editing that they may require.

Any changes to your website that require programming or more than 1/2 hour of work per month may result in a small fee.

Discount For Work Beyond Basic Maintenance

If you need some work done on your website that goes beyond basic maintenance, our hosting customers get a 50% discount off our regular hourly rate.

Free Email Accounts And Forwarding

If you want, we will create up to 5 free email accounts using your domain name. For example, if your email address is mycompany@gmail.com, we can create an account using your domain name: joe@mycompany.com. Much more professional! You don’t have to give up your Gmail or Yahoo account. We can have your new email address forwarded to your current email account. Or, if you use Gmail, we can help you to set up Gmail to send and receive emails using your domain name.

[bunch_our_philosphy title=”Our Terms” text=”To qualify for the Affordable Website Plan, the client must host with Elan Web Design. Our Affordable Website Plan provides up to eight web pages. Additional pages may or may not slightly increase the set-up fee.

The client can cancel his or her plan at any time and receive a refund for any unused months if hosting has been paid in advanced. In other words, if you pay for a year of hosting and you cancel your plan after 8 months, you will receive a refund for the 4 unused months of hosting.

Elan Web Design will create up to 5 email accounts at no charge for its hosting customers. Each additional email account will cost $5 (one-time set up). There is no monthly charge for email accounts.
Elan Web Design will provide basic maintenance at no charge to the client. Basic maintenance only includes the addition or editing of text or the addition of up to 4 photos a month. Any changes that the client wants that require time or additional coding may be subject to a service fee. For example, if a client wants to add an additional feedback form or another gallery, there will likely be a small charge. The client will be informed in advanced if there are any charges for additional work on the website.

If the client fails to pay his or her hosting fee on time (or any other fee that may be owed), there is a 10 day grace period after which the website will go offline. To get the website online again, the client must pay his or her hosting up-to-date (from when the last payment was due). If the payment is 30 or more days late, the client will have to pay a $25 service fee to get the files online again. If the client fails to pay his or her hosting fee for more than 45 days, the website will be cancelled. To get the website back online, the client would have to go through the set-up fee process again

I want to help you and your business. If you succeed, I succeed because you will remain a customer. If your hosting is due and you are having difficulty in paying it, call me to discuss the situation. I will work with you. If you are going to be late on your payment, just let me know and you can avoid your website from going offline or paying any late fees.”]

We are only accepting only 120 new clients for 2018 web design, hosting, and maintenance

Pick a program that best fits your budget and goals for your Gym.

[bunch_pricing_section2 description=”Pricing Section 3 Colmun”][bunch_pricing_table2 title=”Setup & Design” currency=”$” price=”550″ feature_str=”6 pages included (9-14 pages – add $180, 15-20 pages – add $400)
Setup hosting account
Keyword Research for Search Engine Marketing – Value $50
Professional Website Design Theme – Value $200+
Mobile Responsive Design – Value $500
Professional stock images – Value $100+
Initial setup, testing, and customizing of theme – Value $250
Blog setup (counts as one page) – Value $200
Advice on website content and strategy – Value $200+
On-page SEO to make your site Search Engine Friendly – Value $100 Email addresses setup on your domain (yourname@whatever.com)
TOTAL WEBSITE VALUE: $1,600 or so” btn_link=”#” btn_text=”Contact Us”][bunch_pricing_table2 title=”Monthly Fee” currency=”$” price=”69″ feature_str=”Professional hosting – Value $20/month
Ongoing maintenance – website updates, edits, backups, technical support, etc. – Value $50/month
Traffic reports upon request – Value $5/month
Ongoing search engine marketing guidance – Value $50/month+
3 email accounts – 1 GB email storage total – Value $15/month Access to website (WordPress) dashboard to make changes to website on your own
TOTAL MAINTENANCE VALUE: $150/month+” btn_link=”#” btn_text=”Contact Us”][/bunch_pricing_section2]

Website Design Packages

We can design and develop a website that specifically meets your unique needs, and meets your required standards as well as industry related standards


1 Design Revisions
10 – 15 Pages
2 Homepage Layout Options
User Friendly Website
Contact Us


2 Design Revisions
10 – 18 Pages
50 Product Listing
3 Months Free Maintenance
Contact Us


2 Design Revisions
10 – 15 Pages
3 Month Free Maintenance
1 Month Free SEO
Contact Us


2 Design Revisions
20+ Pages
Free 6 Months Maintenance
Contact Us

All Packages Included

Home page
Content Management System
Installation & Setup
Slider Design
Content integration
Contact form
Mobile and tablet friendly design
Social media integration
Photo Gallery
HTML 5 – the latest HTML standards
Search engine friendly
Blog Setup
True 24 X 7 customer support

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