Differences Between Vlogger & YouTuber

It may sound like little more than semantics, but there are indeed differences between and You Tubers. Both platforms utilize #videos, if course, yet there are subtle but unique distinctions between the two. Which one is right for you, or your business, product or brand, and the message we want to put forth, depends on the content.

YouTube is a social media platform owned by Google. Ultimately, Google controls the content, and if it doesn’t like yours, you might find yourself booted off. You’d have to say or do something pretty outrageous, but YouTube does have standards and rules and woe to the Tuber who violates them. And good luck getting back on once you’ve crossed that line.

So if you’re considering launching a politically charged channel that advocates something crazy, like erasing all graveyards to help save the earth, you’d better think it over. A lot.

But let’s assume your content is all good with YouTube; what kind of content is best? That’s what’s so great about it. your channel can be you doing a comedy stand up routine, or dancing the ballet or playing the upright bass. It can be a channel that charts your progress at something, updated each day or even three times a week. 

Vlogger & YouTuber

And of you monetize your channel, you can make lots of moolah, as we’ve discussed here before. You don’t need a lot of equipment, just a video camera or webcam, and an internet connection to. That’s a pretty inexpensive way to market yourself in the public realm, and maybe make money at the same time.

Remember, though, the camera may usually add 10 pounds, but to be a successful, big-hit You Tuber, you need to add a lot more than that to your on-camera presence, like a ton – of humour, or drama, or whatever your specific channel demands. People won’t watch boring videos! Whatever you’re doing on camera, do it big!

That holds true for vlogs, too, but to a lesser extent – after all, they are video too, which makes them all about the pictures and images. But vlogs are a different beast; they are suitable for “day-in-the-life” kinds of content, or a shopping trip, or a vacation diary. You needn’t make your personality “outsized” to run a hit vlog, because you aren’t doing outsized activities.

If a You Tuber is someone showing himself excelling at something – like dancing or singing – a vlogger is someone showing himself engaging in something more ordinary, like the “first day of college” kind of scenario we mentioned. A vlog is trickier to monetize, too, because viewers are harder to track and measure.

A You Tuber can take advantage of all the options for ad revenue generating that the platform has to offer – and there are plenty of them. A vlogger has a tougher road, unless he gets sponsors or community support like Kickstarter and other group funding methods.

Think of a vlog as a “video log,” which is precisely what vlog is short for. They are usually ongoing, episodic moments in your life, a chronicle of activities you want to share with the world. If You Tubers showcase their talents, vloggers showcase their lives.

Which method you choose for spreading your content depends entirely on what that content is. If you’re displaying a talent, YouTube is likely the right avenue. If you’re videoing an experience, consider a vlog. Either way, one commonality is shared between the two: make sure you are entirely comfortable on camera, and be sure you’ve got the time to update the material.

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