Video SEO Strategy 2019 – How to Master Video Optimization

Video SEO Strategy 2019 - How to Master Video Optimization 1
Video SEO Strategy – Blue Video Background with Title in Writing

Video SEO Strategy 2019 – How to Master Video Optimization

Businesses have a tendency to limit their on-line marketing strategies, and with valid reason. It permits them to build their brand. Most of the time, these strategies are limited to social network, which saves them a lot of money and time. According to experts, this strategy can be bad for the business. Imagine you was a spider which constructed a web every spaced. As a web augmented by 8 threads, it wouldn’t be as strong. Damage to one of these 4 threads that are encouraging will destroy the web. Online marketing strategies could be understood utilizing the same analogy. Let us say you’re using 4 different approaches to promote your company. 

If one of these channels experiences changes which affect its algorithm, then cancel your account phase out of existence, or get acquired by just a company you put in it’d go to waste. So the integrity of one’s business becomes compromised. Our point is proven just by the upgrade. Since its release, rankings of countless web sites plummeted. When its algorithm changed, Firms that stuck to network strategies suffered a backlash. The reach of Facebook posts decreased meaning that your posts can be seen by 6 percent of your audience. These could have been prevented if their advertising strategies were diversified by companies. 

The key to having a diverse advertising program is to focus on your brand. It’s the one aspect that you could control amidst the ever changing internet. On launching updates, google will keep, Facebook might change opinions are got by posts, its search algorithm may change, etc. You will not be capable to control these changes, but you might have complete control of your brand. Attracting and growing a loyal viewers should function as By exposing your own brand to as many primary concern if you want to take the reins. By exposing your own brand to as many on-line mediumship, your company to exposing your brand through social. 

Video SEO Strategy – How to Play to Win on YouTube

Is your video SEO strategy important? Well, let’s put it this way… If you were to only learn the ropes of YouTube SEO, (and many people and businesses all over the world already know this but…) you would have access to unlimited earning potential. Whether you are selling a product or service, you need more people to know about your new cutting edge business, or you have skills the kind that are better conveyed to people by physically showing them, YouTube, when used correctly, puts one thing in your hand and that’s power.

I mean, think about it… YouTube is the second most visited site in the world, with over 1.9 billion active users and over 50 million content creators. A mobile ad on YouTube will catch someone’s attention 83% of the time on average. That’s almost double the percentage of television’s average of 45%.

Video SEO is the act of optimizing your video content for optimal performance in search engine results. (SERPS) This article will show you how YouTube is paying off to people who take the time to learn video SEO and give you a list of tips that you can start putting into practice right now to optimizing your videos for higher rankings.

Video SEO Strategy – Steps to Take to Optimize YouTube Videos

To start with a video SEO strategy, first, you need to know what’s been working. First, we’re going to talk about video length. A lot of people insist that video length matters, but don’t put too much weight on it. Look more towards creating an awesome video for the viewer! Because honestly, we can tell Google’s algorithms whatever we want, but if you create a boring video, your results will still show it.

Tip #1 Video Length

For the most part, optimize your video’s length to around 1.5-3.5 minutes, but don’t stress about it… This article on Wistia for Marketing shows that there is a huge drop off at around 4 minutes, so basically if you can fit all of your content in a shorter video, do it, and if you need the extra time, don’t worry. Of course, podcasts and vlogs extend longer, so they would be a whole different ball game.

Remember, quality is key. Your video needs to grab people’s attention and keep it long enough for you to convey your message. If you can get your video professionally edited, edit, or even animate your video to increase your chances of being seen way more people.

Another key part of optimizing videos for your video SEO strategy is keyword research.

Video SEO Strategy 2019 - How to Master Video Optimization 3
Video SEO Strategy – Word Cloud with SEO Terms

Picking the Right Keywords for Your YouTube Video

Since YouTube videos are included by Google and other search engines, it makes perfect sense to go ahead and optimize for both YouTube, and search engine results at the same time. Some people swear by using long-term keyword research on Google Keyword Planner tool, and if you ask an SEO person, we all have our favorites, but for the most part, YouTube has a great keyword research tool right there on their site.

An easy way to remember how to determine which keywords will work best between the two platforms is by acting like you are performing a search on your phone. If you have Siri or Google Voice, just activate them and ask for what you would say if you were looking for a video like the one you are making. From there, you can probably write down a couple, and enter them into a keyword research tool like You can also do a search for your potential keywords, to check if Google is indexing videos on that keyword, and check out your competition. If they are, you are in good shape! Wordtracker gives you 10 searches a day for free, and you can see which ones people are using, and which ones are basically untouched. Adding as much textual information to a video provides both humans and robots (or any hybrid between them, such as Stephen Hawking) with contextual information needed and relevant to their research.

Wordtracker Tutorial – How to Get the Best Keywords

On Wordtracker. com, you can sign up for a free account if you want to, but you don’t have to. You still get 10 searches a day.

Follow these steps to get the best keywords on

  • First, go to
  • Enter your keyword into the search box
  • The first results will show paid advertising stats. You don’t want that.
  • Click the SEO button just above the search results two times to get the lowest comp to the top.

Once you have your keywords picked out where your video, nest you need to craft a catchy title!

Coming Up with a Catchy Title

Ok, coming up with a catchy title is easy. But first, we need to make sure that the search bots can understand what your video is about so that they can index you! Let’s say that your video is about snowboards. If you had just made a video of you and some friends snowboarding, and you got a new Gnu T2b Snowboard that you are doing a review on, you would want your tile to read, “Gnu T2b Snowboard Review – Check Out These Rips!” That gets attention, and it tells the bots first that you are writing a Gnu T2b Snowboard review!

You always want to use your keyword first in your title. While that’s not really set in stone, our we’ve always gotten amazing results by using the keyword first.

Now, let’s talk about the description…

Video SEO Strategy 2019 - How to Master Video Optimization 4
Video SEO Strategy – Cartoon of a Man Thinking Up a YouTube Description…

Writing an Effective YouTube Description

Writing an effective YouTube description is pretty simple also, there are just a couple of things that you want to keep in mind. You want to be as descriptive as possible, maybe even include a transcript when applicable. This gives the watcher a good reference to reflect back to a certain portion of the video if that want to.

Keep in mind first of all that the top portion should be your most descriptive and well-written part because the first 157 characters will show above the “show more” button. This part you want to carefully think out so that it entices the YouTube visitors to watch your video. Google and other search engines will also only show the first 100 characters in snippets, so just have them in mind when you write your description. Try to fit your keyword in the first part of the description, and maybe even a semantically related keyword if possible.

Something else to keep in mind if you have a website, or you are in affiliate marketing or any type of referral program, is your link so that the user can buy, signup, etc. 96% of shoppers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online, so you don’t want to forget your link!

Below the first portion of the description, you can add whatever you like. We recommend adding 100-400 words, with as many semantically related keywords as you can fit in contextually without sounding like you did it on purpose. A good tool to jog your memory and give you keywords that you wouldn’t have come up with without some serious brainstorming is KeywordShitter. Just enter your keyword and it will… (hm.. hmm…) “pour” out every keyword even remotely related in a matter of seconds.

When relevant, you want to make sure and include a strong call to action, inviting the watcher to visit a link, sign up, get a free download or discount, etc… Another trick is to add a subscribe link to your description. You can do so by using the link below, just switching the word “nalts” at the end with your username, and they can click and subscribe to your channel.

Now, last but not least… How many keywords do you target, and where should you put them. You want to use 3 target keywords, and that’s not counting the ones that you add or that fallin contextually in the description. Then, we get really good results by adding the keywords at the very bottom of the description, all in a row, like this:

#GnuT2bSnowboard #wheretobuyaGnuT2bSnowboard #GnuT2bSnowboardReview

This keeps everything nice and neat, and when you add your keywords at the end of the description, YouTube places them right above your title all nice and neat too!

Video SEO Strategy – Final Thoughts

Well, that’s it! We hope this post has helped you understand the most important elements of implementing an effective video SEO strategy, and it helps you get tons of views, conversions, signups, or whatever you are after on YouTube and other video platforms! Feel free to leave comments in the comment section below, and if this post has helped you out or you can think of anyone who will benefit from it, please share it on social media for us!

Take care!

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