Top Picks For Vlogging Cameras:

    A Flooded Market – Which One To Choose?

You finally launched your vlog, as a way to promote your personal brand, or detail an awesome travel experience, or chronicle the opening of your new small business. At first, you used your smartphone, because it was easy, inexpensive, and you were still learning how to shoot engaging videos that audiences loved, boosted business and raised your profile.

Now, you’re ready for more, ready for the big leagues, ready for prime time, so to speak. You know a good camera will allow you to shoot better quality videos and make your vlog more professional, which in turn will lure more viewers. You want a new camera or camcorder, but the market is filled with options. Everybody’s got a different opinion about which one you should buy, right? 

But opinions are like political views: everyone’s got one, they’re all different, and about two-thirds of them are completely baseless

We are here to clear away all that fog, get to the heart of the issue, and help you choose the equipment that isn’t just right, it’s absolutely right for your vlog. Here we go…and BTW…these aren’t in any particular order.

This is not a “best of” because being best depends on being best for you. An outstanding feature of one camera might be completely irrelevant to you. So, just remember: keep your vlog’s mission front and centre when you evaluate our choices below, and you’ll figure out which one meets your needs.

But before we get to the itemized list, here’s a reminder of the features you should keep uppermost in mind when you choose your camera. All three are of equal importance when you’re anxious to bump up your game and improve your vlog’s quality:

Top Picks For Vlogging Cameras
Focused view of video camera, recording pretty brunette girl blogger, talking, sitting at the floor with crossed legs in a casual outfit in light modern white studio

A) Built-in WiFi capability saves you one step in the uploading process, and therefore saves time.

B) A microphone input will help ensure good sound, and that matters almost as much as good video!

C) Stabilization isn’t crucial of you’re sitting at home shooting a talking head video. Otherwise, you need this feature in whatever camera or camcorder you purchase.

The Cameras:

  1. Canon EOS Rebel T5: This camera is terrific for keeping you, the host, clearly and completely in the frame. So, if you’re doing a “talking head” vlog that focuses on you, your opinions and other info, this feature is critical.
  • Nikon D5300 24.2 MP CMOS: This camera has a built-in DSLR, making the pictures really easy to share when you’re moving around and on the go.
  • Fujifilm X-A5: This mirror-less camera can film in 4K video quality, so consider how important that is to you, and take a look at this one. It has plenty of other features too, of course.
  • Sony A-5100: This one is great for “point and shoot,” no fuss no muss style of filming. If you’re on the go and shooting spontaneously, it’s a good one to consider.
  • GoPro Hero 7Black: This one can shoot moving video underwater! Need we say more?
  • Canon Power Shot: This camera has an optical zoom feature, which makes it ideal for travel vloggers. It also captures near and far, of course, and virtually anything between the two.
  • Sony AX334K Handycam: This camcorder features excellent optical stabilization, which means very little swerving and jiggling. That’s what you need when you’re on the move, but don’t want accidental bumps and sways.
  • Canon EOS M50: This is a top-of-the-line vlogging camera, with all the bells and whistles you dream about. If you’re a serious vlogger with visions of fame, this option is ideal; it isn’t cheap, but quality rarely is.

These are just a few of the cameras and camcorders available to vloggers today. There are plenty of others, too, and you should spend time researching the market before you buy. Keep in mind your audience, your vision, and what you hope your vlog can accomplish. The right equipment is always worth the investment!

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