SEO Guest Posts – We Are Accepting Submissions!

SEO Guest Post - Two Entrepreneur Person working and colleague Analyzing Data for New Start-up Business
SEO Guest Post – Two Entrepreneur Person working and colleague Analyzing Data for New Start-up Business

SEO Guest Posts – We Are Accepting Submissions!

SEO 4 Videos is now accepting submissions for SEO guest posts! If you have never heard of guest blogging yet, it involves, quite simply, writing for someone else’s website for the purpose of mutual gain. One of the main benefits of this is that you (the writer) can increase the notoriety and credibility of their blog and brand.

Since the formation of the world wide web, owning a blog or website has become a necessity for any online business. Nowadays, it’s not enough to have one, but you also have to use it well and profit from it. To achieve this, several techniques are possible. One of the best practices that you could do if you are a blogger or website owner in terms of SEO, is writing guest posts.

This article will go over some of the main ways in which writing SEO guest posts for SEO 4 Videos can benefit you. We will also give you some guidelines to follow so that you know what we are looking for before you submit your work!

Ok, let’s get started!

NOTE: If you just want the guidelines, skip to the section that says SEO 4 Videos – SEO Guest Posts – Guidelines!

How Writing SEO Guest Posts for SEO 4 Videos Can Benefit You!

Submitting SEO guest posts to SEO for Videos can benefit your blog, business, or career in many ways! In fact, one of the main ways in which we can help is by attracting quality visitors to your website! Not just that… Submitting guest posts looks great on your resumes, portfolios, and writer profiles/bios!

This next section will highlight some of the benefits associated with writing SEO guest posts for SEO 4 Videos so that if you don’t know much about guest blogging, you can better understand how it can benefit your website, career, business, or blog!

SEO Guest Posts Are Great for SEO!
If you have your own blog, or website, whether it is an e-commerce site or a local business, you have a lot to gain from writing SEO guest posts for SEO 4 Videos. For one, you will be able to insert a small author bio the link and the anchors which go well pointing towards your site! This will add credibility for you as a writer, and be one more link out there that is generating traffic to your site!

Writing for Our Blog Will Add Credibility and Authority

Writing for our blog will establish you as a good writer, and a knowledgeable source for SEO information, and help build your authority as a writer!

Writing for Us Will Impress Your Employers!

Publishing a well-crafted article, even just some simple editorials on someone’s blog can be a reference that will make your resume more rewarding for prospective employers!

Writing for Us Builds Your Reputation as a Writer!

If you like showing off your digital identity, writing for us will show off your writing skills to thousands of people, and promote your authority of competence.

Writing for Us is Experience!

Because you are asked to comply with our rules, (a.ka. typo rules, layout, the requirements on the quality of writing…) writing for SEO 4 Videos can improve your overall writing skills, aptitude, and ability to follow guidelines… Which also looks great to employers!

Writing SEO Guest Posts for Us Can Teach You About Other Topics

Let’s say that you have your own blog about your experience in freelancing. You offer your services, and a few lists that you’ve compiled that will help other writers get started. By writing SEO guest posts, you could expand your knowledge of website SEO and local SEO strategies, which could pay off by making you understand how to get more traffic to your blog locally, and organically!

SEO Guest Posts Guidelines Section Title-Written on Gears Background
SEO Guest Posts Guidelines Section Title-Written on Gears Background
SEO Guest Posts Guidelines

We are pretty easy to write for compared to some of the websites out there who take guest blogs. Here are our simple guidelines to submit your articles to us:

Articles Must Be Relevant to SEO or at Least Business

  • Articles Must Be At Least 500 Words
  • Articles Must Have Proper Spelling
  • Minimum of 3 Pictures
  • No Copied Content
  • Articles Must Be Of Decent Content
  • Backlinks Must Be Chosen (At Least 2)
  • Author Can Have a 120 Word Author Bio and 2 Links!
SEO Guest Posts – Final Thoughts

If you have any questions, or you would like to reach a member of our team, fill out the contact form here and we will answer your inquiry promptly! We generally will review your article within 7

2 hours. If your article is published, we will send a confirmation email telling you that we have accepted your article and published it, and give you the link for you to see on our blog! We look forward to hearing from you!

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