Need Special Effects for Your Video? Here’s How to Do It

It’s well known that video production can be key to any successful modern marketing plan, so how can you make your videos stand out from the crowd? One area where you can dive in right away is visual effects— or VFX. You can spend hours crafting the perfect visual effect, but all that tireless hard work will pay off in huge dividends. Why? Because the right visual effect can inspire awe and wonder.

Adding the right visual effect to your video can be the perfect seasoning that makes the dish worth eating. Here are some great visual effects that even a beginner can pull off. Adding any sort of VFX to a video can mainly be achieved through the use of a compositing or motion graphics animation program like Adobe After Effects.


One easy visual effect to create is disintegrating a person or an image on camera. You can use a stock video clip of a person against a plain background and make them disappear as if in a cloud of dust. All you have to do is use the pen tool in After Effects to trace an outline around the desired image, and then remove the foreground from the background. After you have a successful “cut out”, use the Scatterize option in After Effects. This will apply a cool disintegration effect to your subject and not affect the background.

Frozen Action

This is achieved by using a motion control camera rig, which pre-programs the path of the camera and allows you to film multiple individual passes that you can composite on top of each other. After Effects can then help you isolate the foreground from the background and let you build a complex frozen action scene. The quality of your motion control rig and the skill used to operate it will determine how good the scene turns out.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are everywhere, and an important skill to possess for any amateur videographer interested in creating an exciting and artistic video. Adobe has many tools for adding motion graphic animations for your video.

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After Effects Plugins

After Effects is the most popular tool of choice in the post-production industry—largely because of the large variety of third-party plugins available. While you can do amazing things with your Adobe software by itself, to really unlock its full potential, third-party plug-in developers have created amazing specialized software tools called plugins.

These little applications “plug into” After Effects and show up in the application just like any other stock tool that comes bundled with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. These plugins can save you time with anything from color grades, particles, advanced volumetric lighting tools, 3D titling, etc.

Create a 3D image

You can use any 2D image and turn it into a cinema-like 3D effect. Called the parallax effect, you can achieve this cool and modern look by isolating layers of a flat 2D image and moving them independently—separating them from each other in Z-space inside of Adobe After Effects, which will create the illusion of real depth. Further tutorials show how this technique really brings any static image to life.

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Adding Titles

Having graphic titles on your video is sometimes necessary in order to effectively communicate your message, such as detailing where a scene is located geographically. It can also be used to add production value to a complex and possibly boring subject matter. For example, using call out titles is a great way to liven up any presentations or informative video—keeping your audience engaged.

The Bottom Line

While you can find some great information on the internet for beginner-level visual effects, the best way to learn is by watching YouTube tutorials. Even if you have just started out and video-editing is not your forte, online tutorials can help you become a specialist in no time at all. Soon, you’ll be well on your way to adding professional-level visual effects to your videos.


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