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Need Special Effects For Your Video? Here’s How to Do It

Videography is an awesome subject to dive yourself into. You can go on for hours making the perfect image and effect that can inspire awe or wonder. Special effects on your video are the seasoning that makes the dish worth eating. Here are some special visual effects to try out as a beginner. Special effects can mainly be achieved through the use of programs like Adobe After Effects.


One easy choice of special effects is disintegrating a person or an image on camera. You can use a clip of a person against a plain background and make them disappear as in a cloud of dust. All you have to do is cut the desired image with the pen tool while having your subject on a clean background. Then use the Scatterize option.

Frozen Action

This is achieved by pre-programming the path of the camera rig and filming individual scenes on different passes. The After Effects will help you cut out some of these scenes and put them on the main film. The skills will determine how good the scene turns out.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a beginners level skill that is important for creating an exciting and artistic video. Adobe has many tools for making animations for your video.

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After Effects Plugins

After Effects plugins are the most powerful tool of the motion designing industry. While you can do amazing things with your Adobe software by itself, to really unlock its full potential, third-party developers have created amazing software tools called plugins. These little applications plug into After Effects and show up in the application and appear like any other stock tool that comes bundled with the Creative Suite. These plugins can save you time with anything from color sets, advanced lighting tools, and 3D designs.

Create a 3D image

You can use any 2D image and turn it into a cinema-like 3D effect. Called the parallax effect, you can do it by separating the layers of the 2D model and moving them independently from each other. Further tutorials show how the static image can come to life.

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Adding Titles

Having written titles on your video is sometimes necessary in order to understand the elements inside the video, such as detailing where the scene is located geographically. It can also be used to make a seemingly disinteresting beginning scene introduce the whole video in a strong way. The call out titles, for example, can be a great addition to presentations and informative videos.


While you can find some information on beginner effects, it is necessary to take tutorials to do these properly. Even if you have just started out, if video-editing is not your forte, you can always turn to a specialist to do this for you in a professional manner.

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