Launching A Vlog On Instagram

How to Vlog On Instagram

Some platforms on social media lend themselves to visual content and stories, and Instagram is one of them. Like You Tube (but with mostly pics) Instagram is all about visuals, and less about the written words. Those are important, of course, but it’s pictures that will help you launch a successful vlog on Instagram, and build an audience (and maybe revenue!) over the long haul. If you haven’t got an Instagram account, but you want one, it’s easy to set up. On a computer, simply enter and follow the prompts, setting up a username and password. If you’re doing it on your phone, it’s just as simple: on an iPhone just go to the App store and get the Instagram app. On Androids, go to the Google Play store, click on the App, and you’re ready to begin.

Vlog On Instagram
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Instagram has 800 million active accounts, so you know it’s not just a popular social media platform – it’s huge! People in this pic-obsessed world love it, and many people follow Instagram accounts just as regularly as they follow You Tube video channels. Like most of them, Instagram is all about terrific and interesting content and unusual, unique pictures.

The most important feature you need to think carefully about before launching is your profile/bio – it should be stunning! And remember Instagram viewers , like photos of a celebrity’s 21 party, or their new baby.

You’ve got to make content that is enticing to your audience, in order to move up the pecking order of those other 800 million accounts, all vying for viewers, just like you. Ignore this at your peril; boring, dull content ensures your posts will be virtually ignored by the online world, and you don’t want that, right?

Vlog On Instagram

Instagram offers a few great features to help you make your vlog great, like “Instagram Stories” and “Instagram Highlights.” Be sure to use these as soon as your comfortable doing your vlog. You should post almost daily, or at least four or five times per week, to keep the audience engaged and the content current. And when you have a great story to tell or experience to impart, like for example the day your new business opens, take your Instagram account live!

Exciting, right?

 And hashtags…don’t forget to write tempting, curious, interesting and even provocative hashtags! They earn you lots of feedback, and when one goes viral – if you’re lucky – it can lead to a boost in audience numbers and revenue.

Consider these examples: #Me Too and #Times Up. They are original, memorable hashtags that made us want to learn more about the topics keep searching other sites. Exactly what hashtags are supposed to do.

When you launch your account, you’ll get one “clickable” link to your profile. From there, you can direct your audience to your Facebook page, or another link. Or platform.

Think of your Instagram account as a portal to many other online places where you can offer more information, more stories and, if you’re in business, more products and services. The options are almost limitless – if you have a great bio! Everything depends on that!

There are 800 million others out there competing with your account – don’t forget that. Before you even dream up your password for your Instagram vlog, think long and hard about content and pictures. And then, like they say in the movie biz, “Action!”   

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