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How Insurance Agents can use Google and Bing Maps for New Clients

The 20th century ushered in a new dawn for insurance companies. Over time, they have joined the list of the few trending industry in the financial market. To sustain their impact and have a more united front, they have turned to consolidation and merging. This way, they have the ability to harness resources while increasing their agents. Needless to say, the American Insurance Agency is home to over 466,100 agents, which makes the competition a necessary evil. Hence, in an effort to achieve a competitive edge over the others, life insurance agents have turned to Google and Bing maps to source new markets.

Identifying Market Gaps

Utilizing Google and Bing maps as a means of life insurance marketing reaches a lot more people. In insurance marketing, every person is a potential market. However, marketing could be simplified by making use of these maps. These maps assist agents to spot and focus on market subsets, which are the small groups in the broader market. This way, they are able to drive home their message to specific people by addressing their needs, and this makes the agents’ efforts more effective. Through these maps, life insurance agents, find it easy to make a list of people within the specific groups who could significantly benefit from life insurance. For instance, Google and Bing maps can easily locate areas where people with risky jobs operate and make it easier to address their insurance needs categorically.

Identifying Consumer Motivation Factors

Through Google and Bing maps, insurance agents are able to follow up on prospective buyers. The agents are in a position to recognize that which makes their potential customers tick. In turn, they make it easier to convert them into new clients since the agents understand what the potential clients experience on a daily basis and their common life events. With the analytics tool offered by Google and Bing, life insurance agents are able to develop a full picture of their new clients, making it easier how to find life insurance clients and attend to their specific needs.

Income Targeting

Google and Bing maps can lead you to your next life insurance client. How is this possible? Well, income targeting allows insurance agents to focus on areas where prospective consumers are likely to fall within the specific target group. Potential policy buyers from a specific income group are likely to be enchanted by a life insurance that has their proceeds under consideration. At the end of the day, your new client goes home happy while you have a fresh catch in your list of clients. Hence, the approach makes the task of searching for new life insurance clients easy.

Event Marketing

Utilizing Google and Bing maps to market life insurance policies works wonders in community events. Through mapping, agents are always aware of where and when a community event is happening. This way, the agent is free to attend and promote the life insurance policies. Google and Bing maps cover a 10 to 25 mile radius, and this means that the agent can cover more than one event within the shortest time possible. In turn, this translates to increased new clients from these events.

Life insurance marketing is not easy. If you are wondering how to find life insurance clients in the present times, Google and Bing maps have made the task simpler. However, you need to exercise high-level of patience and proper timing if they are to score a new catch. Enlightening people of the importance of life insurance opens more opportunities for people to embrace it.