How To Use Your Phone For Vlogging:

How To Use Your Phone For Vlogging ? When was the last time you saw someone on the street who wasn’t carrying a smartphone? The answer, obviously, is: Never! Smartphones are everywhere; we all have them and use them constantly, to text and call and look stuff up to see what’s on at our local movie theatre.

They’re the greatest tech development ever, because they let you stay current with everyone in an instant, and keep up to date on the latest and greatest in news, entertainment and sports.

They also do one other thing, if you’ve got the know-how: they help you create your very own vlog. You don’t need a fancy (read:expensive) camera these days to launch your vlog, either.  If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve got the capacity to create it; maybe later you’ll get a fancy camera and editing software, but to get started all you need is a phone and a connection to You Tube.

Your phone must have a functioning camera, obviously, but they all do nowadays, and a way to upload videos to You Tube. Virtually all phones manufactured since 2015 – IPhones, Galaxy, etc. — come equipped with a camera capable of shooting quality video.

How To Use Your Phone For Vlogging with a Galaxy

How To Use Your Phone For Vlogging

Use You Tube Capture 2.0 and you can edit and sew together the videos you shoot one, seamless story. If you have an Android phone, those features come built into your primary YouTube app.

Those are the basics you need, the most “no frills” features you’ve got to have to vlog. Just for fun, let’s take a look at some extras you should consider – not expensive ones – that will make your vlog more professional and thereby encourage more views.

A good tripod allows you to shoot stable videos, and that’s important for two reasons: you’re the host, so it’s not enough for you to post anonymous videos with narration – you’ve got to be in them!  A decent tripod will only set you back about $30 (USD) so it’s not a big investment considering the benefits.  When you shoot your first videos you can balance your phone on a desk or dresser or even a pile of pillows, but the dog could run by and ruin your take by sending your stack of pillows – and your phone – flying.

If you’re truly serious about your , a good tripod is a definite must. Or a good selfie stick will do temporarily, one that won’t waffle and wave around in a stiff breeze – unless you want it to. Extendable selfie sticks can be had for very little at Walmart or just about any other department or camera store, and you’ll use it even when you’re not .

Think of how many people cram together around the turkey at Thanksgiving! A good selfie stick lets you get everyone in , without risking the dog’s paws ending up in the cranberry sauce!

And lighting…don’t forget a lighting source. Most importantly, don’t shoot videos in shadow, cutting off faces and ruining takes. Ideally, you need a three-point light source, but if you’re just starting out, just use whatever light is available to you.

You’re all set, but you need a microphone. Again, if money is tight, use the mic in your phone, then later on buy one on Amazon or at your local video gear store.

If you’re hosting a channel that’s just opinion pieces, with you front and centre, you can get a mic that slips to your collar or jacket. They aren’t too expensive and are worth the investment once your channel is up, running, and a hit!

Wasn’t that easy? Your vlog is only an “aim, shoot, and post” away from fame, and maybe even fortune! – Thank you for reading my blog about – How To Use Your Phone For Vlogging

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