How To Earn Cash With YouTube Videos

It’s a wide, wide virtual world out there, and making money on YouTube is one way you can earn cash, by turning the Internet to your advantage and making a substantial living from doing what you love: shooting and posting videos.

But if you think all you have to do is point, shoot and post, you’re dreaming in Technicolor. Just because there all millions — billions, really — of  YouTube videos posted around the globe on a daily basis doesn’t mean they are all monetized. And even if some videos are, that doesn’t mean their hosts are raking in cash like a poker player on a hot streak in Vegas. Like everything else in the world of lucrative employment, a successful You Tube channel takes work, commitment, time and clarity of purpose, and there’s no guarantee even those will earn you big bucks

Demoralized yet? No? Good! Because if you’re willing to work hard and do what’s necessary, there are plenty of ways you can turn this hobby you love into a lucrative business.

First, let’s look at how you monetize your videos, then we’ll look at ways to make those videos fire up audiences and balloon your bank account. First, some logistics. There are two ways to make money on YouTube — either as an advertiser, or as a platform. Think about what it is you’ve got to sell; ideas, products, services, etc. Then decide which approach is best. You can set up a free YouTube channel through Google+, which is also free.

Advertising on an established You Tube channel means a whole lot of eyeballs will see your business’s name, and if that channel gets one million views per day, that means a lot of exposure for you.  Studies show that individuals spend approximately 40 minutes each time they log on for a You Tube session; that’s a whole lot of time to get your name out there.

So your profit bump doesn’t come from YouTube, but from the best in business, you see as a result of advertising on someone else’s channel.

Or you can launch a channel of your own. It really depends on the content, and whether hitching your wagon to someone else’s channel is the most pragmatic and appropriate course of action. But if you are publicizing a new business, for example, a brick and mortar shop that sells your products, you could buy ads on a channel with appropriate content. Or you could launch a channel that covers, for example, your first 30 days in business. See? It’s not really difficult, but it does take thought and planning.

But you will face a lot of stiff competition, no matter how narrow your niche is. There is a tremendous number of channels, all vying for those 40 minutes of viewing. You channel has to be unique, bold, and never, ever boring.

One thing is certain: it’s tough to make a substantial living solely from a channel on YouTube. Usually getting sponsors and generating revenue that way, along with other publicity about your profile and brand, has to be in the mix if you want to make a bundle. There are just too many folks on YouTube these days, all competing for the same dollars, to make it a lucrative gig right out of the gate.

It can work, but it takes time and effort. Focus your message, develop your content, and then decide if a YouTube channel is the best way to earn income. One thing’s for sure…it can’t hurt! And if your content excels, it will definitely help!

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