How Much Does it Cost TO Maintain A Website ?

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you know that’s a question that’s gonna depend on how big the website is you know if you will have someone doing SEO you’re gonna meet the one pay-per-click the form of advertising and then you got a piece regarding the content you know are you gonna pay someone to continue to update your content blog for you and that kind of stuff but if it’s just a basic website and you know you’re not gonna do all of that good stuff you’ll be looking at you know a cost for hosting that’s usually not that expensive that’s usually a year calls are you can go to places like GoDaddy.

You could pay you know you could do like a thirty year thing or four year and you get a good deal that way and then you have a domain name you know that is also a cost that can occur every year usually like I was saying earlier you know as far as the hosting part of it you can pay for that for a year or three years or four years the longer you pay for it from what I’ve found the better the deal is so just a basic website with just hosting and cost of the domain name you’d be looking at roughly if you pay for for four years upfront

you’d be looking at about I don’t know three or four hundred bucks don’t depend on if you get good hosting if you you know good probably find cheap op item cheaper options out there but you know that’s you know all good hosting being up 99 port and a person at a time some of the companies that I personally like to use for hosting there’s a company believe there and oh how I X hosting I’ve been using them for quite a while recently I actually changed over to GoDaddy just because I feel like what they’re hosting it’s a little complicated with uploading

websites but typically they are really really good customer service if you can get someone who can figure out the aspect of uploading your site to their something I believe and definitely paying for upfront for five years just because there’s people out there who
will watch your domain name and when it drops they basically buy it and then you have to buy it from them and that can get very very pricey so typically I like to tell people or even myself when I look at purchasing domain names for my business I usually like to buy them for there’s any issues it’s just easier to take your site and move it over to a if you are a local business in a very compatible market as far as you know keeping up or maintaining your site.

I would highly suggest that you blog regularly keep you a content updated you know because that’s the stuff that Google really pays attention to also fresh content unique so you know if you are a company and like I said a very crowded marketplace you want to be doing that you want to be also taking advantage of the website markup schemes so yeah so you know if like I said if you’re looking just to have a website. out there just you know someone wants to type in your name into Google and for them to find out information about you.

You know maintain a site that’s really cheap but if you really want to dominate and you’re in a crowded market you want to make sure that you are blogging unique content doing a social media piece you know that’s part of the maintenance aspect of with the website so yeah so you know I
think and I hope that that answered your question I will be putting a couple links at the bottom of the description so if you want
to purchase hosting I will give you links to some of the solutions that I think are fairly cheap and also reliable but again there are cheaper options out
there if you have any questions please comment below and I’ll do my best toreach out to you have a great day.

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