Minneapolis & Saint Paul Minnesota Barbershops
Barbershops in Minneapolis & Saint Paul Minnesota Major Goals for Barbershops in Minneapolis & Saint Paul Minnesota (1.) Drive the right kind of appointments to your barber shop (2.) Dominate your competitors for the best clients in Minneapolis & St Paul Minnesota (3.) Conveying your brand, reputation and trustworthiness over the web Start with the …

The WordPress.com Year in Review (and Resolutions for 2018)
The WordPress.com Year in Review (and Resolutions for 2018), Some years go by slowly — not because they’re busier, but maybe there’s just more out there in the world to stop and notice. We hope the WordPress.com and Jetpack community offered you some of those moments this year. Maybe it was a helpful chat with …

Google: Meta Refresh Redirects Work Fun But Not Recommended
I literally have several blog posts here that has Google saying not to use the meta refresh redirect type. That you should use a 301 or 302 redirect instead and not the meta refresh version…

Craig Newmark Interviewed At Google

South Dakota Web Design & Web Design Sioux Falls

Google: We Do Not Use GS1 Web Markup
Several months ago, we covered how Google does not use GS1 markup for ranking in the search results. Today, Google’s John Mueller clarified that Google currently does not use GS1 markup at all for any purpose in search, be it ranking…

Daily Search Forum Recap: February 22, 2018
Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today…

Internet marketing strategies for lawyers | BMP SEO Consulting
Competition in attorney online marketing continues to grow every year. As the number of internet users continues to grow, so does the number of lawyers and law firms competing for the same clients. With over 1.3 million lawyers in the United States alone, the ground is even tougher for new attorneys.

What are the best SEO services in Minneapolis | Minneapolis SEO

Old Google Word Of Mouth T-Shirt

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