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Everybody wants to be a #YouTube star; it’s everywhere, so it must be easy, right? If you think all you need to become famous and rich on You Tube is a camera and an opinion, you couldn’t be more wrong. We hate to burst your bubble, but if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. They are, you say, but not everyone is doing it well, or successfully. That’s the difference.

We are here to help you figure out exactly what you do need, not just equipment, but style, substance and method, too. It’s all about having those three things in place before you even consider launching your own channel, and we can get you started. It isn’t enough to want to air an opinion or counsel folks on fashion and makeup or be a political wonk with outrageous ideas.

Those will get you noticed, maybe, but they won’t help you build a subscriber base or make you money, if that’s your ultimate goal. There are specific tools you need for this very 21st century trade, and we’ve got the goods on just what they are.

Equipment For You Tube
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First things first: the most basic items you need are a computer and a camera. A desktop or lap top – that’s up to you – and a webcam, to start. It depends, of course, on the content you intend to publicize; let’s say a makeup tutorial. You don’t need much more than those two things, and a mirror, to get started.

Later, if you want to take trips to cosmetic counters of stores to shop with viewers, you must be able to travel. That means a portable camera and a decent microphone.

But while you’re just beginning, all your computer needs is a USB port, at least Windows 7 or later, or a Mac – that’s it. The webcam allows for audio, so you’re all set. You can buy a good webcam for about $75 USD and up, so it’s a small investment in what you’re hoping is your future, right?

This is the least expensive way of launching your You Tube channel, so it’s an ideal way to get your feet wet and find out two things: whether or not you really want to do this, and whether you’re any good at it. You’ll find those things out fast, mostly because of comments and subscriber numbers.

If you get stuck at, say, 42 for six months and you know those are all family and friends, you may not have what it takes to be a successful You Tuber.

Not everyone is cut out for video stardom, so don’t take it too personally. But just for a moment, let’s imagine you are a hit, and numbers begin to climb. You want to increase the level of your channel’s sophistication and artistry, right?

That usually means movement – by you and your camera and microphone, so viewers don’t get bored looking at the same old backdrop. You decide you want to get outside. What do you need?

The basic components are: a camera; microphone; tripod or some other kind of stabilizer; a lighting source, and video editing software. Once you have those tools in place, you’re all set to move up from a basic to professional set up.

Equipment for YouTube videos
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A high quality camera is crucial. They are many options on the market, of course, and this is a good time to begin your research. Ask questions of other YouTube channel hosts whose work you admire: what kind of camera do they use?

What do they cost? Talk to vendors; you need to talk to the experts, in the flesh if at all possible, to get answers about an investment as important as a camera. Same goes for camcorders; a good one goes for about $250 and up, but find out which type best suits your needs.

Action cameras work best for POV video, and, of course, action video (hence the name) and they work well even in low light. You need a good quality microphone, too, one that’s called a “shot gun” mic that lets you travel with ease.

These mics are great because they are designed to block out noise from sources you don’t want messing with your audio.

youtube camera
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They are light, easy to use, and can be had for a relatively low price – again, if you shop around. A tripod can be had inexpensively — $50 USD, approximately, but again, you need to shop around.

They are easy to find second hand, online, from other video enthusiasts who, for one reason or another, lost their enthusiasm and want to sell off their gear.

Those are the basics, the fundamental components of what will get you started hosting your own You Tube channel. There’s one more thing we hope you will consider: do you really want to devote yourself to maintaining a video channel, be responsible for its content and its consequences?

Top Equipment For You Tube

Think about that, long and hard, and remember – once it’s on the Internet, it’s out there forever. If you can handle that, and are ready for the attention – good and bad – a YouTube channel can bring, then you’re all set. Now you know what equipment you need; start developing the content and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be a hit.

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