Email Marketing Newsletter – 2019 Email Marketing Guide

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Email Marketing Newsletter

Email Marketing Newsletter – Email Marketing Guide 2019

Email marketing is a  technique used in marketing that consists of sending emails to different recipients for the purpose of usually getting them to take action, whether it be buying something, signing up for something, or informing them about specials and sales going on with your company. Email marketing  generally takes place with one common goal in mind and that is to achieve more benefits for the company.

In the online advertising world, email marketing is one of the cheapest and most rewarding techniques when done correctly. It requires careful planning, precise segmentation, and above all, knowing your audience to get your email marketing campaign to be effective.

In this email marketing guide, we will give you some industry leading tips on how to implement a professional email marketing campaign, so that you can start reaping the benefits of emailing your crowd, no matter what outcome you are seeking

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Tips to Quickly Build an Email List

Creating or building an email list is one If the most essential parts of sending an email marketing newsletter.  If you will be sending mass emails, I have a few tips on how to quickly build an email list to help you out!

One of the most popular ways to build an email list is by having an actual email capture form on your blog or website. This can either be a pop up, or you can have an in line sign up form, like in the sidebar or header of this site.

Some of the easiest ways to get this accomplished, is by using one of the plugins on your website that specialize in email marketing, so that they can guide you through it. Plugins like MailChimp or Sumo are some of our personal favorites, but there are a ton of amazing options out there that will do the same thing.

Ways to Get More Email Subscribers on Your Site

Placing valuable material behind content lockers (for example, a guide or whiteppaper that you’ve written) will entice visitors to sign up for your newsletter by trading for your expertise on the subject.. A company that helps photographers called Photowebo increased their engagement by 3806% by simply switching from popups to content lockers. You can also use free tools like FeedBurner to see the emails of people who have subscribed to your blog.

The Jetpack plugin for WordPress is another tool you can use to set subscription boxes very easily and get more subscribers on your list. You can also encourage subscribers by creating visible contact forms for users on your site to contact you with and when they contact you, just segment the emails so that you can send them more personable emails.

Some people even go so far as looking in the comments section of their competition’s blogs, and grabbing emails from there. If you have an online store, making email entry mandatory for purchases is an excellent way to add to your list. Again, I would just segment these so that you can send them specifically targeted emails.

Always offer value. Even in your subscriber box.Telling visitors that they will get exclusive coupons and discounts in your store is a great way to peak conversions and get people to sign up. Telling that they will be the first to know about the latest news and offers in the store is a great way to make visitors feel like they are part of something cool.

If you have a physical restaurant or store, you can offer free Wi-Fi to your users in exchange for their personal email.  You can also put a sign in the store saying “We answer your questions 24 hours via email” and put your email there so people might write it down.

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Crafting an Awesome Email Marketing Newsletter

Once you have your email list, the next step is planning out what you are going to say to your subscribers. This is another one of the most important steps of keeping an email marketing newsletter, because only 20% of your visitors come back to your blog. 80% or more never make it back or even think of you again.

Once they are subscribed to your newletter where you can communicate with them, they are one of the most valuable assets you have. In fact, in this Googe Analytics study, 1/3 of the visitors pulled in by email marketing turned out to be return visitors.

This level of communication is where relationships are built and nurtured, your brand’s voice is reinforced, and also where you can communicate all of the key characteristics if your brand to start getting your subscribers turned into advocates.

To write your first email marketing newsletter, keep in mind ahead of time that you want to write something amazing for your subscribers. Knowing what to write is all about knowing your crowd.

You can get to know yout crowd better by creating buyer personas, studying what they talk about and ask questions they ask in forums, and interviewing experts and influencers in your niche.

Keep in mind that the open rate of emails is around 24% as an average across all niches, and the click through rate is 4% to 11%. That means that you have to be pretty good at it to get the attention of your prospects, and even better to get them to convert!

Tips to Writing an Amazing Email Marketing Newsletter

There are a number of things you can do to write an amazing email marketing newsletter to your subscribers.   Here are some of the best tips that we’ve heard that we use ourselves:

  • Keep it Natural
  • Make it easily Readable
  • Be Yourself…  Don’t Be Too Adsy
  • Try to be Unique and Offer Value

Again, it all comes down to knowing your crowd. If you don’t know your crowd come you can’t communicate with them effectively.  The beginning of a great newsletter that converts, is the subject line. Without a intriguing subject line to make someone click on your email, you can never get to 1st base.

Here are some industry leading subject line tips that will peak your subscribers interest.

  • 56% of Brands that Use Emoji in their Subject Lines Experience a Higher Open Rates
  • Adding Videos in Your Subject Line Can Increase Conversions by Up to 300%
  • Tuesday is the best day of the week to send email
  • Segmentation and personalization are a big deal. 

Segmentation is the act of segmenting your subscribers into certain categories based on their interests, age groups, locations etc.  It’s one of the best ways to run an email campaign because you get to personally communicate to your crowd based on their interests, and you can talk directly to them like a friend. 

Who would you rather get an email from? Someone saying,

“Hey, did you see our new sandals that are on sale?”…

Or an email that said,

“Hey Sarah,  We wanted to write and ask you how you like your hand back that you bought this past spring… We also wanted to take this opportunity to show off this new pair of sandals that we thought would go great with it!”

If you ask most people, the majority of them would likely rather have someone that has them on their mind and thinking about them personally instead of someone who just made you feel like some brick in the wall of abrandom email campaign.

In the  “I’ll never know if we won $500 because of all the spam!” generation, personalization means a lot. In social media marketing they tell you to avoid on one sided relationships, and the same thing goes for your email campaign.

You want to build connections with people that are strong to turn into long lasting relationships. Segmenting and personalizing your emails builds brand advocates and creates emotional involvement with your brand over time. So bottom line, create an awesome value, speak directly and honestly to your crowd, and if you product or services is a marketable one, you can’t lose.

How Many Emails a Month Should I Send?

In this article by, they quote the Direct Marketing Association’s National Client Email report Um stating that 35% of marketers are using 2 to 3 emails per month followed by 19% who send only one, and nine percent who send 6 or more emails per month, so you can pretty much pick whatever works best for you. Normally I say go with the vast majority of marketers you probably can’t go wrong.

Should I Automate My Emails

Well when you look at the fact that abandonment emails sent within an hour after a visitor’s shopping session have a 6.33% conversion rate, AND the fact that you can’t be there a 100% of the time to monitor these things, email automation can’t be a bad idea.

There are tons of email automation software and websites out there for you to choose from, many of which offer free plans that are enough to get you going. You can check in to services like Constant Contact and MixMax, but ahead of time theres no way to sugar coat it… You’re basically looking at another pretty tough job that will take you some time to get just right…

Overwhelmed? Don’t Have the Time? Check Out:

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