Creating Videos That Make an Impact

Video has become one of the most effective communication technologies for those who market their services online. People like video because it is a form of media that is easy to consume. Videos can tell a powerful story in a fraction of the time that it would take for a web page to generate engagement. Here are a few things to remember when planning to make videos that have an impact.

Quality vs Quantity

Many people make the mistake of flooding a YouTube channel or Facebook page with a large number of videos without paying attention to the con. They focus on creating content regardless of the quality. You would be much better served by producing high-quality content that is evergreen. Look at the most successful video creators on YouTube. Their most successful videos are ones that address a common question or solve a problem for viewers. These videos also offer high production values. Viewers attribute more authority to videos that are professionally produced. That doesn’t mean that you need to hire an expensive production company. Many freelancers make excellent videos at a competitive price. Tackling the project yourself is not recommended unless you have experience or want to delve into learning the process.

Leveraging Controversy

In 2016, Morgan & Morgan released a commercial that let the public know information that juries generally didn’t know, causing a stir among their peers and potential clients. The law firm managed to leverage a controversial subject for their benefit. Perhaps you have an inside track on how car accidents are litigated. You may have handled a case that involved a drunk driver. Look for opportunities to weave controversial narratives into your videos. Stir the pot and be available to chime in with your own feedback when viewers ask questions.

Avoid Clickbait

There are few things that will alienate a potential client faster than clickbait. This is a type of marketing trick that is a digital take on the old bait-and-switch scam. The text promoting your video or the title of the video promises the viewer something sensational. Instead the potential client is headed toward boring content or a simple sales pitch when they watch the video. There is a very simple reason you should not embrace clickbait as a promotional tool for your videos. You don’t need to. Make a video that lives up to expectations. Promise to solve a problem and deliver on that promise. Your videos will soon have a reputation that guarantees views.

Making a good video that has a great impact isn’t something that can just be done on the fly. It takes careful planning. Following tips like these as you create and market your videos will help your video to make a much larger impact on people. These same tips apply to creating video commercials. You will attract more clients when your videos create what is known as perceived value. Establish yourself as an authority in your field with a strong production and engaging content.

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