Blogging Vs Vlogging : How To Choose?

Blogging Vs Vlogging & How To Choose

You want to communicate with an audience – a wide one, you hope — so you decide to launch a blog, or a vlog. But which one is best, and most effective at reaching people? Like most things in life, the answer isn’t always straightforward. The answer is, that depends.

On what, you ask? Several things, actually.

First off, ask yourself how good a communicator, you are with the written word Are you skilled at keeping folks engaged β€œon the page,” so to speak?

If so, a blog might be the way to go. But it depends on more than your writing style; it depends on your message, the content you’re trying to get across. If you are a fabulous cook, for example, and you want to launch a how-to site for foodies and amateur chefs, words matter a lot. Are you good at inventing and then explaining recipes? If so, a food blog, with pictures, may be the best choice.

The great thing about a blog is that even a shy individual who loathes the idea of being on camera – yes, those folks do exist – can launch a successful site and get plenty of readers. The downside is that the marketplace is jammed, so it takes creativity and unique content to make yours stand out. Also, you have to attend to your blog at least every other day, if not every day, or you will lose readers That’s the reality of our digital attention spans – they’re awfully short these days.

Vlogs are different, of course; they are video-dependent, but the videos have to be riveting, in this crowded marketplace of social media, to garner attention. You have to settle on a theme, a raison d’etre, so to speak, that will keep you on track and your viewers coming back to check in on your progress. Let’s use a fitness vlog as an example.

You’ve decided to get in shape and chart your progress over a six-month, twice-weekly vlog. In that example, video is better than the written word blogs demand, because it helps viewers see just how you’re doing and the workouts you’re trying.

The downside, of course, is that your life (at least at the gym) is out there for all to see, and comment on. Are you ready for that? With publicity comes invasion of privacy, and you need a rhino-thick hide to deal with it. Once you make the commitment, however, you may find that having viewers lends support and β€œpumping up” for your project. It might not be a fitness program, it could be any topic that lends itself well to videos.

No matter which format you choose – vlogging or blogging – one thing is shared by both. Good communication skills. You can be conversational, even casual, but if your audience doesn’t know what the heck you’re writing or talking about half the time, say β€œbye bye” to viewers and readers. When your high school English teacher told you to speak (and write) clearly and not use a lot of slang, she was right. Think about your message, about who you want to reach, and ask yourself this fundamental question: How can I best communicate this content? Video or words? That will let you know if a blog, or a vlog, is the way to go.

                                                Top Video Blogs, 2020: ( Blogging Vs Vlogging)

We all know that people like Kylie Jenner make millions every month through her blog and Instagram accounts, convincing young girls to buy gooey lip gloss. But Jenner is from a family with more than a dozen years of publicity in its history, so despite what Forbes Magazine may say, she’s hardly a self-starter.

Here are a few blogs and vlogs by folks who started with nothing but a camera and a keyboard, who have made them hugely successful and profitable.

Blogging Vs. Vlogging: How To Choose?
  1. If celebrity blogs and vlogs are your things, check out Perez Hilton’s gossip site. He started as an actor wannabee, and now runs a site that earns him more than half a million dollars every month. And he has sustained it, in a marketplace that cools quickly to the latest gossip mongering voice in Hollywood, so for that along he deserves credit.
  2. Moz, a site that can help you learn about SEO – search engine optimization. That’s vital if you want your blog or vlog up high on Google, and these guys are experts. They earn more than $4.2 million every month through ads and subscribers, so they’re doing something right.
  3. PewDiePie belongs to a Swedish gamer who made more than $15 million (USD) with his You Tube vlog in 2018. He’s stepped into a few land mines with ‘bad boy’ comments, but his followers and subscribers don’t seem to care.
  4. Zoella has two million subscribers, and they are fiercely loyal. She posts clips of her shopping trips, and also day in the life” content.
  5. 5-Minute Crafts posts exactly what the name implies – quick projects to do yourself or with the kids that take very little time. This site has a whopping 48 minute subscribers, and even has a few spin off channels

Those are a few – only a few – of the wildly successful blogs and vlogs out there for you to check out. Their content is totally different, but they all have one thing in common: they started with a single person’s idea and took off. It can be done, but it requires imagination, persistence, and dedication to your site. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, your vlog or blog might be a hit, too.

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