Best Android Video Camera App

Best Android Video Camera App in 2020

There are countless precious moments that take place in everyday life. Why not capture them on your phone? Smartphones have undoubtedly revolutionized our worlds. Amongst the top benefits of these handheld devices is that we can catch our life’s precious moments safely in them. However, investing in the perfect app demands your attention as well.

This factor will set the basis for the quality of memories that you are going to capture. The app development industry for Android has taken a drastic boost in recent times. As a result, you can find countless video camera apps on the play store. But, are all of those apps worthy of your investment and time? If not, then which are the best ones for you to use? Come with us, and we will answer all your questions in this article.

What Are The Top Five Video Camera Apps For Android?
Using Android smartphones, one can have a vast set of choices. However, only a few are promising enough to deliver you as expected. Here is a list of all the top-most video camera applications for Android with their best features.
Cinema FV-5
Filmic Pro
Open Camera
Camera MX
Videoshop Video Editor

What About The Features?
The list is incomplete if you are unaware of the features that all these applications offer. We are going to mention all the key features of these apps to help you select the option that suits your preferences the best.

Cinema FV-5:

Key Features:

  • Exposure compensation
  • Light metering mode
  • ISO control
  • Focus mode
  • While balance
  • Professional sound metering options
  • Live RGB (during video recording)
  • Ultra High Definition recording

Cinema FV-5 operates on android systems only. Hence, the functionality and performance of this application are remarkable. The developers have made this app enriched with numerous commendable features that are bound to leave you impressed.

You will be able to get complete manual control over the recording of your video via Cinema FV-5. The professional functions that this app provides make it stand out as one of the top-ranked applications. The best aspect of using this one is that you can record your video in 4K resolution.

This ultra-high definition quality of videos makes this app one of the best in the market. The additional option of MetaData allows you to give you all the details about your videos as well.

Filmic Pro:

Key Features:

  1. Dual arc slider controls
  2. Live analytics
  3. Ramped zoom rocker control
  4. White balance adjustment
  5. ISO control
  6. Live RGB adjustments
  7. Shadow and highlight adjustments
  8. Image stabilization

This app is known to provide you a vast range of professional features. The manual controls allow you to have a full grip on the making of a perfect video. The dual arc slider controls will let you have ease in adjusting the focus and exposure of the camera.

Along with the love RGB adjustments, the app also grants you an extraordinary feature of live scene analytics. Because of its fascinating and advanced features, the app has won the award for being the best and has been a popular one for the editors as well.

Open Camera:

  • Key Features:
    Remote capturing option
  • Exposure compensation
  • ISO
  • Color effects
  • White balance
  • HD video
  • Auto-stabilize option
  • Configurable volume keys
  • Panorama mode
  • Manual controls
  • Noise reduction
  • Focus bracketing mode

The highlight of this application for android systems is its amazing feature of remote capturing. This means that you can capture pictures by remote gestures or by saying �cheese’ only. Other than this, if you want to capture a wider angle view, you will get panorama feature in both front and rear cameras.

The focus bracketing mode will help you put a certain thing to focus during recording or capturing. The Open Camera app also allows you to reduce the noise from your videos. Plus, if you want to stabilize your recording, you can use the auto-stabilization option as well. The color effects will let you enhance your videos and make them brighter and more appealing.

Camera MX:

  • Key Features:
  • HDR for high-quality
  • Switchable filter and effects during recording
  • Pinch finger gestures
  • Timer option
  • Live Photos
  • Fine-tuned autofocus
  • Editing options

The Camera MX application is capable of supporting every resolution. The HDR mode, however, offers you to get high-quality photos and videos captured. An appealing feature that this app possesses is that you can switch or select effects and filters while you are recording your videos. Isn’t it great?
Plus, with the help of the timer option, it will become easier for you to capture more efficiently.

You can also zoom in or out more easily by pinch figure gestures. As there is an option of ‘Live Photos,’ you don’t have to waste your time in deciding whether to click or record. The vast editing options of this application will allow you to adjust the contrast, brightness, colors, and much more of the photos. You can easily crop, slow down, or fasten the pace as well.

Videoshop Video Editor:

Key Features:

  • Trim
  • Music
  • Additional sound effects
  • Slow and fast motion effects
  • Display adjustment
  • Merger feature
  • Animated titles
  • Filters
  • High-resolution videos
  • Enthralling transitions

When we name the Videoshop Video Editor, there is a whole list of magnificent features that pops into mind suddenly. The developers have ensured that this app serves you in the best way possible.

You can apply multiple filters, effect, cool transitions, and make slideshows of pictures as well. The app allows you to add music and other sound effects to the videos. Moreover, trimming out the unnecessary parts will also become easier with this app. The high-resolution videos that you will get through this will undoubtedly leave you speechless.

The Bottom Line:
Investing in an application that runs smoothly on your android system and offers you handy controls for multiple effects will undoubtedly turn out as a beneficial decision. From trimming to effects, brightness, contrast, focus, and much more, every other feature is crucial in making your videos look better. Many apps will offer you many professional features. The interface that the above-mentioned offer will also leave you speechless, as they are not hard for you to operate at all.

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