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If you are looking for an Minneapolis seo expert with the education and experience to make a night and day difference for your brand, you’ve come to the right place! SEO 4 Videos is an online digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization, local SEO. multi-location geotargeting, and inbound marketing strategies for anyone seeking to increase visibility for their brand, achieve higher rankings for targeted keywords relevant to their niche, or begin benefiting from a well thought out inbound marketing strategy.

We are Minneapolis’ go-to source for affordable SEO experts, and our aim is to help you market your business more effectively online by means of organic SEO.

With the help of  our hand picked team experienced SEO caseworkers, you will be assigned a Minneapolis SEO expert, that will  work with you directly to put together a plan that will help your website’s pages will become more engaging to visitors, provide more thorough information to consumers and search engine web crawlers, and get higher visibility in all major search engines online, practically overnight.

Our team will also provide you with regulat consultations to help you achieve your goals, and easy to understand SEO reporting, as we build your company into an auth0rative local business with a strong online presence. To learn more about our company, check out our About Us page, and don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to discuss your project, or let us answer any questions you may have.



In order to get a better idea of what our company does, and how it can help your business accomplish your business goals, it is first important to have a basic understanding of what SEO is.

The term SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of implementing a number of organic marketing techniques designed to help your company achieve higher rankings (preferably first page rankings)  in major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

With search engine optimization, your website will be able to gradually become more visible for search terms relevant to your products, services, or blogs without pay per click advertising. As a matter of fact, inbound marketing, and search engine optimization in general offer a cost effective alternative to paid advertising, and are notorious for achieving much higher ROIs than outbound marketing.

Did you know that 68% of inbound marketers classify their marketing efforts as “effective” compared to 48% of outbound marketers? It’s true… By optimizing your websites existing pages and implementing a number of on page and off page SEO techniques, and backing that with a solid foundation of backlinks, PR marketing, and social media signals, your pages will naturally gain more exposure, better quality traffic, and significantly higher conversion rates, all while building a solid online presence for your brand, and authority within your niche.

While businesses can do this by themselves, the speed and efficiacy of your efforts will be much better with the assistance of a trained Minneapolis SEO expert.

The assistance provided by our team of experts will enable you to achieve your business goals quickly, and without second guessing. We  Have seen the benefits that a well-thought organic SRO strategy offers to our clients time and time again, and we just recently brought one of our clients from 2,000 ompressions a month to over a 100,000 impressions a month in just 3 short months!

To us, SEO is serious business.  In a word, search engine optimization and a solid and consistent inbound marketing strategy can make or break a brand.  Take a look at the video from Google below, and see how serious they are about search engine optimization and organic rankings…


When looking to seek the services of SEO consultants Minneapolis, businesses will want to know how such a company can help their business.

The first way in which our company can help your business is by helping your website to get more exposure in search engines for local actionable search queries.

It has been estimated that by the year 2040, 95% of purchases will be made online through eCommerce. With the majority of products and services being conducted online already, it is very important to have a website that is at the top of major search engines for as many terms as you can rank for.

Another way in which we help your company achieve your business goals by implementing a variety strategic organic inbound marketing strategy that utilizes a mix of social media, PR marketing, and evergreen content with ttargeted keywords,  to help you gain more exposure for your site, and a better online presence across the board. Not to mention the fact that we can restructure all of your website pages and posts to be as engaging as possible and maximized for high conversion rates!

Here are a few of the main reasons why well over half of our clients… Stay our clients:

    • We offer results driven, customizable SEO strategies that don’t break the bank.
    • We provide regular feedback about your site’s performance.
    • We produce measurable results that increase both repeat visitors and conversions.
    • We only employ educated, experienced SEOs that have a burning desire to help businesses accomplish their goals.
    • We work with a small, hand picked, dedicated team, and assign each client their own SEO expert.
    • We are 100% centered around customer satisfaction.
    • We love what we do, and our integrity is evident in the results of every report that we hand our client.

    Latest Google Algorithms (Panda/Penguin/Fred) Proof SEO Packages
    SEO Packages – 2017 Quick Call Quick Call Quick Call Quick Call
    5 Keywords 10 Keywords 15 Keywords 20 Keywords
    Mobile/Responsive compatibility check No No Yes Yes
    Website Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Initial Back links analysis No No Yes Yes
    Competition Analysis 1 2 3 5
    Keyword Research & Analysis 5 10 15 25
    On Page Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Title Tags Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
    META Tags Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Robots.txt Creation/Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Sitemap.xml Creation Yes Yes Yes Yes
    ror.xml Creation Yes Yes Yes Yes
    urllist.txt Creation Yes Yes Yes Yes
    info.txt Creation for alexa & business directories Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Anchor Tags Optimization No No Yes Yes
    H1 Tag Optimization No No Yes Yes
    Content Optimization No No Yes Yes
    Images Optimization No No Yes Yes
    Internal Linking Optimization No No Yes Yes
    Google Webmaster Tools Setup Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Bing Webmaster Tools Setup Yes Yes Yes Yes

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