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BMP SEO Consulting & Video Marketing is a modern digital marketing and SEO firm that will enhance your brand to make one metric explode:


That’s it. That’s the only metric we care about when it comes to marketing your business.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota we provide this great nation hands-on marketing and SEO entrepreneurs and locally owned businesses hands-on marketing and SEO.

We create Google ready websites for your results and your ROI.

The benefits of an SEO designed website are known. We know the necessary details to make any website rankable.

Who is BMP SEO Consulting & Video Marketing?

SEO 4 Videos is a one-man band headed by me, Ted Sellers, the founder, and CEO.

Ten years ago, I knew that companies all over the nation were trying to figure this “internet-thing” out. Given my skills in web design and SEO, I created a company dedicated to creating the highest-quality custom websites with the Google Search Engine in mind.

Things were much different back then.

Anyone could top the first page of Google if they added enough of one keyword. Now, it’s much, much more difficult to rank. It takes perfect formatting, authority, and a careful analysis of links. It takes premiere content and beautifully crafted graphic designs too.

In other words, Google is looking for the ‘total package’ for every term it’s its vocabulary.

Breaking the Mold: Not Your Average Digital Marketer

When I started SEO 4 Videos, I told myself that I wouldn’t be like all the other digital marketers out there. I would be detailed oriented and not rely on fast talking and gimmicks to get customers.

It’s been ten years and I’m proud to say that being honest, hard-working, and customer focused was the best decision I’ve ever made. Being selective with my customer choices and being honest with myself allowed me to attract a solid customer base of like-minded individuals that are focused on their goals as much as I am.

Most web designers ‘say’ they can work with anyone and everyone, just to get more business. Being a small business, I believe in keeping my reputation in great standing online as well as offline. That’s why I only help customers I can provide amazing results and service.

I start every customer relationship with a phone call and find out exactly what you’re looking for. I work diligently to give you everything you want, so when you see the final draft, the only thing you’ll want to say is “wow!”

I focus on your results and your ROI. I tell it to you straight and let you know exactly what you need to get what you want. If it’s traffic, you’ll find out exactly what terms you need to focus your content. If it’s conversions, you’ll know exactly what to do to get it by the time you’re done with me.

When you need something you get my cell phone and email. I always answer my customer’s calls within 24 hours and respond with honest and thoughtful responses. No question is off limits.

What Kind Of Companies Do I Love to Work With? 

I only help companies that I can ‘wow!’ 

Life’s too short to do work that isn’t interesting and fun. I love to work with unique and companies that have a great mission, but my favorite is helping what American needs the most…


My mission is to help America’s entrepreneurs get the income they deserve.

The American Dream.

That’s why I do what I do and that’s why you do what you do.

The internet makes the American Dream more possible every year for every kind of business there is.

Here are some of the businesses I’ve helped. Click on the links for more information about each.

Should You Work With Me? 

Most companies wouldn’t dare to ask this question, but I do because I’m not interested in working with companies that want to be dazzled with irrelevant metrics.

There is too much bad information on the internet today about digital marketing that people are generally confused about what actually makes money.

I won’t try and mesmerize you with non-money making statistics like click-through rate or comments or likes. I’m interested in your bottom line. I’m tunnel-vision focused on the activities that will put more money in your pocket. After the gravy train is flowing, then we’ll worry about getting more engagement on your Instagram posts, but until then I’m all for showing you the money!

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