A Blog Or A Vlog…Which Earns More?

You love the Internet: watching cat videos, learning complicated recipes on your favourite “how to” foodie channel, and even finding obscure and arcane details about your most-loved movie genre.

But now you want to make money from it. Entertainment and learning from the online are all well and good, but you sense there’s dough to be made in them thar high speed connections, and you want in.

Which offers the best opportunity for cashing in big time, your own vlog, or your own blog? You’ll be delighted to hear, both! It really depends on the content. Blogs are better for content that can be complicated, direction-heavy or explanatory. Let us offer an example:

You’ve opened a new restaurant. You want to boost clientele – that’s one way to make money, right? So starting a blog about the adventures of your first year is a great way to boost your profile and get customers in. Offer two-for-one coupons on your blog. Write about your eccentric, foul mouthed chef — readers love that stuff.

There are platforms like Word Press and Tumblr that offer blog setups for free, or you can pay someone to design yours and launch it. But this is about making money, not spending it, right? Once you’ve got thousands of readers, you can consider turning over your blog’s maintenance to an outsider.

Encourage reviews. Develop a mailing list of readers. And if you’re not too exhausted after all that, dream up some one-of-a-kind products to sell to those readers.  A lot of people, and not just high profile celebrities, make small or not-so-small fortunes by using their blogs as adjuncts to their businesses. Really, because of the Internet’s reach, the possibilities are endless.

And what if your idea is more visual, and perhaps less long term than a blog seems suited to, and you’re not great with the written word?  A vlog is a great way to make money – and, potentially a lot of it – because it uses video, and people today love video. Thinks of it this way: let’s say your subject is travel. The blog is like a modern take on an old-fashioned journal about your trip.

A vlog is like the photo album of all the great places you visited while on your journey.  A vlog is often the way to go, but beware…it’s a mad, crowded marketplace out there, and you’d better have a striking concept and great footage or your vlog might die on the vine.

It’s also a little harder to monetize a vlog, because you can’t offer links as readily for viewers to click on. You can put them in the comments section, but response is harder to track. And yet, several studies suggest that video is more popular; one estimated that on You Tube, the biggest platform for vlogs and other video posts, viewers overall watch approximately 60,000 video clips every minute. The upside?

Clearly videos are a hugely popular mode of communication. The downside? Your vlog will be competing with hundreds,  or maybe thousands of others of a similar style and theme. Yours has to be outstanding to stand out.

Many of the people we call “influencers” have vlogs that attract sponsors, and money can be made that way – and lots of it. But unless you’re a famous athlete or model, businesses likely won’t beat down your door to back your vlog. Many vloggers also have blogs, which covers all the bases and gets to the widest audience possible.

Which brings us to our final point: if you want to make real money on the internet, consider having a blog and a vlog. But having both requires a lot of time and dedication to their maintenance. Don’t let either one go for even three or four days. If a picture is worth a thousand dollars, to bend the old saying, then a picture – or video, in this case, and words is worth a million.

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