3 Companies That Are Using YouTube Effectively (and What You Can Learn from Them)

As a business, maintaining a well-curated YouTube account can help drive new traffic to your site, keep your clients informed and establish your presence online. There are many things to keep in mind when developing a YouTube channel.

The best way to learn about building an effective YouTube presence is looking at examples of successful businesses already there. Here are three businesses that have learned to use YouTube to their advantage and what you can learn from each of them.

1. Halifax Bank

The YouTube feed of Halifax Bank is beautifully designed with two main characteristics. First, the channel focuses on making cohesive shows, not simply videos. Each video in the show series has a similarly formatted title and thumbnail, adding consistency and dependability to the channel.

Focusing on the aesthetic appearance of your YouTube channel is vital to its success. This effort will make your company page look more professional and approachable for clients and newcomers alike.

2. doTERRA

The doTERRA channel consists of a wide range of informative videos aimed at teaching people how to use their products. You’ll find that doTERRA’s YouTube page is a perfect example of including a wide range of diverse content that could interest potential customers.

The channel not only has videos specifically about the company’s products but also about applications of essential oils in general. These could be applicable to a wider audience.

The doTERRA channel demonstrates the importance of building a presence with a wide variety of content in order to reach as many people as possible.

3. Loida Velasquez Real Estate

The title, thumbnail and topic of your YouTube videos are the most important aspects of curating a successful channel; however, video descriptions are also essential to broadening the reach of your page.

Loida Velasquez’s Real Estate channel video descriptions are a wonderful example of well-written content. The descriptions are SEO-optimized, which helps the videos rank in Google and YouTube searches.

A well-composed description should be anywhere from 300 to 500 words and provide a summary of the video as a whole. The first few sentences can be seen without having to expand the description box, so ensure the main points of your description are mentioned early. The description is also a wonderful place to link to a website, other videos or social media sites.

Developing a strong YouTube channel is a key aspect of building an online presence for your website. It is easy to do, but there are many things to consider to ensure your YouTube feed helps your company as best it can.

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