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About Us

SEO 4 Video is a web design and development company, offering turnkey SEO and SEM services to small business customers throughout the Twin Cities. Our abilities include website design, on- and off-page SEO services, SEM content marketing, domain acquisition and hosting, PPC campaign deployment and much more. We tailor our approach around the needs of our small group of clients to deliver quantifiable results that help your business succeed digitally. Find us at 1100 County Road D West #100 in New Brighton, MN 55112.

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Improve your search engine visibility and establish your website as a credible authority for information. Our Minneapolis SEO experts help your business stand out, reaching more people to generate better leads.

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We manage your reputation online, including how you’re presented in organic search rankings. Through tailored web design, SEO optimization and reputation management, we help you present the right image online.

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Video is the best way to stand out online! We leverage the power of video to position your business at the top of search results and social media. Branded videos distinguish you and convey information seamlessly.

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Generate more leads, more efficiently with a smart pay-per-click advertising strategy. We’ll maximize your budget and ROI with Google Ads and social media placements, putting your brand in front of those looking for it.

Web Design & Video marketing for small local businesses

To succeed online, your business needs to set itself apart from the competition. This means having a beautiful website, prominent search engine presence and visibility across all types of content and media. It’s a lot to keep track of!
At SEO 4 Video, we make it easy to stay on top of today’s many digital marketing demands.

We started as a resource for web design in St. Paul, MN, but through the years have expanded our abilities to meet the demands of our clients. Today, our scope of services is extensive!

Not only can we design a beautiful, responsive, SEO-optimized website for you, we can also create branded videos, research PPC campaigns and manage your brand’s reputation online. Whatever it takes to help you stand out, we’re prepared to help!

The best part about choosing SEO 4 Video for your Minneapolis SEO services is that you’ll always get the personalized, tailored attention your brand deserves.

We limit ourselves to no more than 20 individual clients at any given time, spread out among our close-knit, expert staff. By keeping our base smaller, we also keep it stronger! It allows us to generate better results and concrete growth for each client.

If you’re looking for the best possible return on investment for your business’ online marketing, branding and optimization efforts, let SEO 4 Video help. We’re your all-in-one experts for SEO, SEM, PPC advertising, video creation, domain buying, hosting and web design in St. Paul, MN—all at an affordable cost!

How to Rank with Video SEO?

Everything you need to know about video SEO! Specifically, you’ll learn how to optimize your videos for a better presence in search engine results.

Coca-Cola Case Study

For the 100th birthday of Coca-Cola, we created a campaign that spread happiness on social media and celebrated the iconic bottle shape of the brand.

Our Services

Drive more traffic to your website with our SEO services

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Small Business SEO

Your small business may not have the notoriety of national brands, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the ability to rank high in local online search results! Through targeted SEO services, our web design company in Minneapolis will help you find your footing and your voice online. From website design to keyword optimization and beyond, we work hard to get you into the search results of customers and clients. Our Minneapolis SEO experts take the time to tailor their approach to every client, leading to better results and a higher ROI. We get results by focusing specifically on your unique value propositions.

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Branded Videos Ads

Video is paving the way for the internet of the future—is your business keeping up? Branded videos are at the core of our Minneapolis SEO services and an integral part of our approach to optimization for your business. We’ll help establish your presence on YouTube and Vimeo, as well as across social media platforms. We even specialize in product videos for ecommerce sites, helping you highlight your inventory to help it stand apart from the competition. Each video we create is made to be informative, engaging and appealing, with your branding always present to help improve perception and affiliation for your business.

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SEM and Branding

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a cornerstone of modern digital marketing and a crucial part of business brand development online. Generating unique content that’s informative and engaging, while also being authoritative and representative of your business, is the best way to establish yourself in the hearts and minds of your audience. Whether you’re a small business looking to distinguish yourself or a large company that needs reliable content from Minneapolis SEO experts, SEO 4 Video is here to help. Using informative blog posts, robust web copy, engaging social media and more, we’ll help your small business seem a whole lot bigger.

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PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a smart, simple way to attract customers to your website and can be the perfect complement to an integrated SEO campaign. The right PPC campaign can put you on the front page of google, at the top of Bing search results, in the newsfeeds of social media pages and virtually anywhere else your customers might be on the internet. Our Minnesota SEO experts do the research necessary to help you craft the ideal PPC campaign, maximizing your budget and choosing relevant keywords and placements to boost your visibility across the web. Our knowledge of Google Adwords will help propel your marketing upward, towards success.

Explore new markets

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It is a fact that businesses that have a website grow twice as fast as businesses that don’t have a website. SEO will help you gain better rankings in search engine result pages and this translates to more targeted visits and essentially to more customers.


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Choose an Experienced Web Design Company in Minneapolis

These days, anyone can build you a website and promise results, but few companies can deliver on that promise. It takes a web design and development company with proven skills and an upstanding reputation to help your business make its mark online. SEO 4 Video aims to be your partner for success—from website design, to keyword optimization, to video creation and beyond. Are you looking to grow your audience? Expand your sales leads? Build your brand? Whatever your digital marketing demands, trust that we’ll meet them.
Because the internet is always evolving and digital marketing trends are always changing, count on SEO 4 Video to keep you positioned at the forefront of your industry. We’ll make sure your business stays perfectly in-step with the best practices and winning strategies of SEO and content marketing. By giving you personalized attention, we’re able to understand your core values and execute on winning strategies. Plus, as a local resource for web design in St. Paul, we’re never far away! Find us at 1100 County Road D West #100 in New Brighton, MN 55112.

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Tailored Services

We work one-on-one with a small pool of clients to learn more about your value proposition and unique attributes. Then, we internalize your values and help you create a voice that exemplifies your brand. Your goals become ours and we work towards them together to help you succeed in your online marketing efforts.

Data-Driven Insights

Winning SEO and SEM strategies are built on data. We’re adept at researching advertising trends, as well as relevant keywords and content to help drive quantifiable results from your campaigns. We’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t, so you can focus your advertising and optimization in the right direction and reap the benefits of a data-driven approach to success.

Rapid Results

Some results take time; others offer immediate impact. We’ll start the ball rolling on long-term benefits, while also making the immediate adjustments that boost your business now. Our Minneapolis SEO services are tailored to deliver consistent results that you’ll be able to see. From better search rankings to a beautiful new website, we start getting results on Day 1.

On-Trend Strategies

Our industry experts keep up with the evolving trends and ongoing changes within the industry. The result? Better adaptability for your business, fueled by the best practices of our web design and development company. We develop and deploy rapid strategies that keep you on the cutting edge of SEO and SEM best practices.

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