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Google Adds AMP Testing Tool to Search Results by @MattGSouthern

‘); $(‘#scheader .sc-logo’).append(‘ ‘); $(‘#scheader’).append(”); $(‘#scheader .scdetails’).append(‘ ‘+cat_head_params.sponsor+’ ‘); $(‘#scheader .scdetails’).append(cat_head_params.sponsor_text); $(‘#scheader’).append(‘ ADVERTISEMENT ‘); if(“undefined”!=typeof __gaTracker){ $(‘#scheader a’).click(function(){ __gaTracker( “send”,”event”, “Sponsored Category Click Var 1”, “search-engine-optimization”, ( $(this).attr(‘href’) ) ); }); } } }); }); Google has released its most significant update to the AMP testing tool since 2016. In addition to accessing the tool …

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Google Assistant Update: Set Your Preferred Method of Travel by @MattGSouthern

  Google Assistant has rolled out an update that allows users to set their preferred method of travel. With a preference set, Google Assistant will default to this method when travel times are searched for. The new “getting around” preference has been in testing since last month, so you may have already seen it if …

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